FROM The man in the front seat / March 28, 2017

Palace of Queluz

Located in the town of Queluz, this wonderful 18th century palace was the last of the great rococo places to be built in Europe. In 1794, the palace became the official residence of the Portuguese prince regent and his family, and remained so until the Royal Family fled to Brazil in 1807 following the French Invasion of Portugal. From 1826, the palace slowly fell out of favour with the Portuguese Royal Family an in 1908 it became the property of the state. A fire in 1934 saw the palace extensively […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / March 1, 2017

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Known officially as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It is performed each year on the esplanade of the Edinburgh Castle in August, as part of the Edinburgh Festival. Traditionally the bands performing are from the British Armed Forces as well as the Commonwealth nations however each year other nations military bands are also allowed to perform also.   What’s in a name The term “tattoo” derives from a 17th century Dutch phrase “doe den tap toe” which translates to be “turn of the tap’. It was played by a regiment […]

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