FROM The man in the front seat / October 4, 2018

Château Chillon, Switzerland

Chateau Chillon, or Chillon Castle, is located on the banks of Lake Geneva in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. It’s spectacular location and wonderful setting make it one of the most visited castles in the country. History Began during the Roman occupation of modern-day Switzerland, the castle was originally built as an outpost guarding the alpine passes the Roman’s. Although no official foundation date is known for the castle we see today, appears in documents from 1005 which mention the castles use in guarding the Great Saint Bernard Pass. By […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / May 6, 2014

Lace and the Sea (Venice)

Venice as a city or more exactly Burano, one of its islands, is renowned for its association with “punto di aria” or needlepoint lace. Althought the arrival of the lace can be traced back to Cyprus that is still no reason to not let a bit of legend make it even clearer. The story goes that a sailor, leaving his fiancée on Burano set out on a voyage only to shipwrecked on an area that was inhabited by mermaids. Bewitched by the mermaids beautiful looks and voices, the rest of […]

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