FROM The man in the front seat / February 11, 2014

Wines of Spain – Petalos (Bierzo)

In 1998 Alvaro Palacios and his nephew Ricardo Perez began an adventure in wine making in the Bierzo region of north-western Spain. After searching numerous location the pair finally settle on the town of Corullón, located on Bierzo’s western border. The hillside reminded the pair of Burgundy’s Côte d’Or and the soil, although not of great quality had incredible diversity. The principle grape chosen to use was the Mencia grape, which grows well in difficult terrains and produces a light, pale but also relatively fragranced wines. The vines used are […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / February 10, 2014

Wines of Spain – Viña Ardanza (La Rioja)

The search for the best red wine in Spain moves the Rioja region, probably the most famous in Spain, to try Viña Ardanza – Special Reserve. Rioja Alta, one of three sub divisions, is located around the town of Haro on the south of the Ebro river. Based on the Tempranillo with Garnacha grapes it is labelled “reserva especial” in good vintages, and till now only 3 (1964,1973 & 2001). Dark & fruity, great with meats and only €20-€23 a bottle, well worth a try.

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