Almdudler – auf der alm dudlein

FROM The man in the front seat / February 12, 2014

There are very few countries where a locally produced soft drink actually rivals the big boys such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but the small landlocked nation of Austria is one of them.

Almdudler, known to any Ex-Contiki staff who spent time waiting for the their clients at white water rafting, is without doubt one of the finest things to come out of Austria. Made out of grape and apple juice concentrates then flavoured with several herbs is today, in Austria, second only to Coca-Cola in sales with more than 80 million litres being consumed each year.

Erwin Klein created the drink in 1957 as an alternative to alcoholic drinks, which seems quite ironic as you can now get Almradler (mixed with beer) as well is people from Eastern Austria commonly mix it with locally produced wine. The strange name derives from a phrase common in the 50’s, “auf der alm dudlein”, which translates to “singing in the meadows”.

Today considered the national drink of Austria and has had several great advertising campaigns, one of which was; “wenn die keinen Almdudler haben, gehe ich wieder heim” or “if they don’t have Almdudler, ill go back home”

I agree

Almdudler – auf der alm dudlein
Almdudler. auf der alm dudlien
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