Bradley W. Dick

The man in the front seat…

Having been raised and educated in Sydney, Australia, in 1989 I travelled to Europe for a short 6 month holiday, more than 20 years later the holiday is over but I’m still here. After 3 years of a combination of back-pack travelling and working short term jobs I found myself working for Contiki Hoilidays, a company that is a leader in its field of specialising in tours for people aged 18-35. In my first year I trained and worked solely in Great Britain & Ireland. The following year I trained and worked in Western & Eastern Europe and then Russia & Scandinavia in 1995. To say life was hectic would be an understatement, in 1995 between March and October I escorted groups of up to 53 clients through 34 different countries.

In 1997 I moved to Insight Vacations, one of the premium coach tour operators in the world, and since then I have continued to work in Western & Eastern Europe as well as regional tours of Great Britain & Ireland and Spain & Portugal.

I can truly say that in all these years I have experience the good and the bad of the European coach touring industry as well as the European tourist industry. Each year my tours improve, keeping and expanding on the good and eliminating the bad. My goal is to maximise any European experience by not only visiting the sights, but also eating the food, trying the wine, listening to the music, and above all enjoying each of the places visited in a nice and relaxed manner.

Take care & I hope to see you soon.
Bradley W. Dick

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