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FROM The man in the front seat / February 5, 2018

Cascais – home of the rich & famous

Population 207,000 General The beautiful Portuguese seaside town of Cascais is located 30km north-west of Lisbon. This once small fishing village gained its fame in the late 19th century when the Portuguese royal family decided to frequent the town. Today Cascais, and the municipality it is in, is one of the richest municipalities in Portugal on of the principle towns on the Estoril Coast, or the Portuguese Riviera. History Cascais has been inhabited since Palaeolithic time when people used the natural caves along the coast to deposit their dead. Not […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / April 6, 2016

Royal Alcázar (Seville)

General Officially known as the Reales Alcázar de Sevilla (Royal Alcazar of Seville) it was originally built by the Muslim kings but today is the royal palace in Seville and still used by the Royal Family when visiting the city as their official residence. The result has been that for more than 1000 years the ruling Kings of Spain have used the Alcázar as their home whilst in Seville. The building is known as being one of the most beautiful palaces in Spain and the oldest palace still in use […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / February 14, 2014


Pop.: 56,000 Of all Spanish cities probably the one with the most impressive location, situated on a rocky outcrop surrounded by 2 rivers, Río Eresma and the Río Clamores. Many visitors compare it to a warship sailing through the plains of Castilla with the Alcazar (Fortress) forming the prow, the pinnacles of the cathedral creating the mast and the aqueduct following like a rudder. In 1975 UNESCO made Segovia a World Heritage City and any visitor will see it’s honour rightfully deserved. History Segovia was occupied by Rome around 80BC […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / February 13, 2014


Pop.: 33,000 With its incredible setting in a National Park on the north slope of a granite mountain and set amongst wooded ravines with natural water springs, it comes as no surprise that that for many years Sintra was the favourite summer destination for the Portuguese Royal Family. As a consequence the area became a popular place for summer homes for many of Portugal’s wealthy and aristocratic.  Since 1995 the town has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts, deservedly so, tens of thousands of visitors each […]

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