FROM The man in the front seat / January 8, 2019

Wilanów Palace

In 1771 the process began to divide Poland, and its neighbour Lithuania, up and distribute large parts of the countries to their neighbours. By 1795, Poland ceased to exist as a state, and it remained like that for the next 123 years. This Partitioning, combined with two World Wars in the 20thcentury saw nearly every historical and cultural building in Poland destroyed. Wilanów Palace just outside Warsaw however is one building that survived tumultuous period, so much so that today it serves as a reminder of the culture of the […]

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FROM The man in the front seat / May 3, 2018

Palace of Culture & Science, Warsaw

Constructed in 1955, the building is the tallest in Poland and one of the tallest in Europe with a height of 237m (778ft). Although respected, the building is not like by all Varsoviansand as result has numerous nicknames. Pekin (because of its Polish abbreviation PKiN), and Pajac (which means “clown” … sounds similar to Pałac (palace) in Polish) the most common. It s also referred to as Stalin’s syringe, the Elephant in lacy underwear and the Russian wedding cake. History The building was originally known as the Josef Stalin Palace […]

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