Éze Village – views to die for

FROM The man in the front seat / July 18, 2013

Sitting up on its little ridge 427m (1401ft) above the Mediterranean, Éze village is without doubt one of the most impressive villages located on the French Riviera.

The village is renown for its small shops and art galleries as well as attracting thousands of tourist who come to admire its views of the Mediterranean.

It has been proven than man has occupied this site since 2000B.C, anyone who controlled this area has contributed to the history of Èze from the Phonecians, the Turks, the Genoans, the Monaguesqes and now the French. It’s crowning feature is the Jardin d’Èze (Garden of Èze), created after World War II on the ruins of a 15th century Chateau by the Jean Gastaud and André Gianton, who also created the Jardin Exotique in Monaco.

It village also houses the 18th century church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption which is visible for many kilometres.

A must see for any visit to the the south of France

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