Geiranger Fjord & its Waterfalls

FROM The man in the front seat / July 6, 2017

Located in the Norwegian county of Møre og Romsdal, the fjord home to some of the most spectacular scenery on the west coast of Norway. The fjord is surrounded by some of the steepest mountains on the west coast which is made even more spectacular by the narrow shoreline.

The fjord is actually a 15km (9.3mi) branch of the Sunnylvsfjorden which, itself is a branch of the Storfjorden (Great Fjord). The small village of Geiranger, which gives the fjord its name, is located at the end of fjord, where the Geirangelva river empties into it.

Today, Geiranger Fjord is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway and in 2005 was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site along with the Nærøyfjord.

What’s in a name

Geirangr, the Norse spelling is a combination of two words; “angr” is Norse word meaning fjord whilst “Geiri”, is a small piece of farmland on a mountain side. It is a reference to the many small farms and fields lying on the steep mountain sides of the fjord.


The fjord is host to some of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, including the Seven Sisters Falls and the Suitor. The two falls site opposite each other across the fjord, and the Suitor is said to be trying to woo the sisters opposite.

The Bridal Veil is another fall in the fjord, so called as it falls delicately over one rocky edge. When seen backlit by the sun, appears to be like a thin veil over the rocks.


Many of the scenic views and drawing of Walt Disney’s Frozen, which was released in 2013, were inspired by the picturesque Geirangerfjord.

Geiranger Fjord & its Waterfalls
Geiranger Fjord, Norway.
Geiranger Fjord, Norway.
Suitor Fall, Geiranger.
Seven Sisters Falls, Geiranger.
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