Marchfelderhof, Deutsch-Wagram

FROM The man in the front seat / May 3, 2018

In the middle of the Marchfeld plain in Deutsch-Wagram you will find the country inn, Marchfelderhof.


The 13thcentury village of Deutsch-Wagram was a small settlement that would make the headlines on several occasions. Due to its geographical location, the peasants of the Marchfeld had to fight troops who were invading from the east, this included Huns, Avars, Turks, Magyars along with the French and Swedes attacking from the west.

There is also, not very far away, the location of the Battle of Jedenspeigen, where in 1278, the Hapsburg dynasty came to be the sovereigns of Austria, a position which they held until 1918.

The restaurant

Already in those bygone days the Marchfelderhof was popular and frequented inn with its own farm land as well as butchers and grocers store. The inn contained a large ballroom along with lodgings for farmers, merchants, soldiers and other travellers. Napoleon Bonaparte was here in 1809 and the Emperor Franz Josef visited Deutsch-Wagram in in 1901. Franz Josef’s son Crown Prince Rudolf frequented the area as one of his favourite hunting areas and Maria Theresa passed regularly through here on her way to Holíč in Marovia and her summer chateau.

Bocek’s Family

One of the families living here during that time were the Bocek’s. Ancestors of a prominent trading family from Regensburg, they settled in Deusch-Wagram in the 17thcentury. They later married into a family from Pilsen in Bohemia, the home of Pilsener beer, and together they provided the perfect mix of warm and open hospitality, both then and today.


Its reputation has seen visitors come from all corners of the globe; including king Contantin of Greece, Faruk of Egypt, Liz Taylor, Clark Gable to name a few. Today more than 40 visitors books are overflowing with the names and comments some of the people who have shaped politic, entertainment and science and music.

Many of these honored guests have left behind small mementos as gifts toto the restaurant, which are kept in cabinets all around the restaurant.


Marchfelderhof, Deutsch-Wagram
Marchfelderhof, Deutsch- Wagram.
Marchfelderhof, Deutsch-Wagram.
Marchfelderhof, Deutsch-Wagram.
Marchfelderhof, Deutsch-Wagram. a plaque commemorating a visit of Pope John Paul II
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