Spanish Steps (Rome)

FROM The man in the front seat / July 22, 2013

Rome has many wonderful monuments that are known worldwide , one of those is the Spanish Steps

Organised by Étienne Gueffier, the steps were a symbolic creation linking the Spanish Embassy in Piazza di Spagna (which was controlled by the Spanish Bourbon family) to the Trinità dei Monti Church (which was under the French Bourbon patronage). 135 steps link the two areas creating a staircase that was designed by Francesco di Sanctis completing it in 1725.

At the base of the stairs, in Piazza de Spagna, is the Fontana della Baraccia (the Fountain of the Ugly Boat). The fountain is credited to Bernini, but Pietro Bernini, not his more famous son Gian Lorenzo Bernini who is reponsable for the Fontana dei Quatrro Fiumi ( Fountain of the Four Rivers) in Piazza Navona. Legend has it that Pope Urban VIII had the fountain built after seeing a boat washed up the Tiber river during a flood. It is said that by drinking the water in the fountain it will aid in fertility, so many couples are attracted to the square when thinking of starting a family.

The stairway was imortalised in the film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck that also brought it to the attention of the English speaking world


Spanish Steps (Rome)
Spanish Steps & Bernini Boat Fountain.
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