FROM The man in the front seat / June 27, 2013

Anyone venturing into Austria or Germany from late April to the middle of June will be greeted in many place with signs advertising “Spargelzeit” or “Spargelsaison”. What this means is that Asparagus Season is upon us, unlike in the Southern Hemisphere however these asparagus are white not green. Although grown in numerous places, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and Alsace are the most well known areas as white asparagus needs a specific combination of soil, temperature and rain to produce the perfect taste. Each year Germany grows more than 55,000 tonnes of the stuff generating just over 175 million euros. The French however claim to of been cultivating asparagus since the renaissance whilst Louis XIV of France grew them in his Palace of Versailles hothouses all year round.
They are traditionally served boiled or steamed, being covered in a hollandaise sauce. Being served with salmon or as a soup is also popular, particularly in Germany and Austria.
Enjoy, I did



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