The Albaicin (Granada)

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A must for any visit to Granada, the district is also known as the Albayzin and is the old Muslim district located facing in the Alhambra across the river Darro. Muslim fortifications, houses and fountain still remain as well as many of the Albayzin’s churches and cármenes (large walled villas with gardens) incorporate Islamic remains. The district still maintains its narrow streets and intricate network and as a consequence was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 along with the Alhambra Palace.


The name is derived from the 13th century when in 1227 the Muslims from Baeza, near Jaén, moved into the district after their town was captured by the Christians. Even after the Christian capture of Granada in 1492 the area remained a Muslim quarter for half a century. In 1499 the Albaicin became the starting point of rebellion throughout Granada which triggered the forced conversion of many Muslims to Christianity.


Arco de las Pesas

An impressive gateway which enters the quarter through an 11th century defensive wall.

Mirador San Nicolas

A wonderful lookout with fantastic views across to the Alhambra the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

San Cristobal

A wonderful church built in 1501 as part of the forced conversion of Muslims to Christianity. The Mirador, or viewpoint, offers incredible views over the city and the Alhambra Palace


With the arrival of the Nasid dynasty, Bib-Rambla became the main focal point of the city. Throughout its history it has been the scene of jousts, bullfights and Inquisition burnings. Today its lined with wonderful cafés, restaurants and flower stalls.

Alcaiceria (Silk Market)

The silk market of Granada was built in the 14th century and lasted for more than 400 years. A fire in the 19th century saw the market rebuilt, although on a much smaller scale.


A guided visit to the Albaicin is available, along with a visit to the Royal Chapel, on;

GRA0001: Albaicin & Royal Chapel

The Albaicin (Granada)
Albayzin. A view of the Alhambra across the roofs of the Albayzin
Albayzin in Granada. A wonderful view across the whitewashed houses of the Albayzin
Albaicin. some of the many narrow lanes of the Albaicin
Albayzin in Granada. the 16th century Church of St. Nicolas in Granada
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