The Romantic Rhine

FROM The man in the front seat / June 5, 2013

One of the most majestic waterways in Europe, the Rhine, stretching 1,232km (766mi) is known not only for its natural beauty but its spectacular castles and sweeping vineyards.
The river is only navigable for 865km (540mi) as far a Rheinfelden in the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen near the Swiss-German border.
Between Bingen and Bonn the Section is known as the “Middle Rhine” passes through a gouge that is decorated with some 40 castles and since 2002 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known as the “Romantic Rhine”.
Not all however is as beautiful as it seems, one-fifth of the worlds total chemical production occurs along the river creating an ecological problem with more than 6000 different substances having been identified in the water.

The Romantic Rhine
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